Agricultural Drain Installed in Berwick

Agricultural drains are one of the best ways to avoid your back or front yard becoming a sodden mess of mud. Narre Warren, Berwick, Ferntree Gully and most of the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne receive huge amounts of rain during winter and spring, which, without proper drainage, can destroy a lawn.

There are plenty of reasons that your yard can become covered in mud and flooded by water. In most cases it is because your property is downhill from another. The sloop will mean that any water falling on the higher property will run onto yours. If this is combined with heavy rains your yard will quickly reach saturation point.

Agricultural drains are designed to remove excess surface water and pit water from your soil, preventing saturation and the inevitable mud pit. The concept behind agricultural drains is to dig trenches with slotted back water drains, above is a picture of what an agricultural drain looks like during a recent installation in Berwick. These drains are connected to the main storm water drain to take all the excess water away from your property.

To avoid the agricultural drains becoming clogged with dirt, we fill the trenches around them with drainage rock. The drainage rock works as a filter, catching chunks of dirt and particles, while allowing the excess water to flow into the agricultural drain and to the storm water drain.

Agricultural drains are perhaps the best solution readily available to sodden and muddy backyards across the wet South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The agricultural drain installations are very affordable and will keep your back or front yard safe from water damage. Call or email RTF Plumbing and Gasfitting today and we can work out the best drainage system for your property.