Agricultural Drain

Agricultural Drain Installed in Berwick

This is an agricultural drain installed in Berwick. The purpose of this drain is to take away any surface water and excess pits water which causes flooding and sloppy ground around someone’s house. The reason for this house being so wet, is because the house is being built approximately a 100-mil lower than a house next door to it. Therefore every bit of excess water that falls into the ground from the higher house sips back down and sits into this house’s backyard causing it to become like a mud pit. The concept behind the agi drains or the agricultural drains I should say is you dig trenches with slotted back to the water drain as you can see there is a pit that is being installed. The pit is then connected back to the main storm water drain. Then from that pit, with slightful upgrade running back to the pit, We install a 90 mils slotted agricultural drain throughout the trenches with slight full back to the pit and slight from that pit to the 90 mil main storm water. Once we finished installing the agricultural slotted drain we then fill the trenches out with 3 mil drainage rock to the top of the trench. This 20 mil drainage rock then works as a filter and also a retarding against the water. So, any water that hits that rock whether it be from underground or on top of the ground is then filtered through that rock. The rock catches the chunks of dirt and particles then the slotted drain takes all of the dirt away and drains it down through the pit and out through the storm water.