5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Plumber to Fix Your Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains are a common plumbing problem across the south east of Melbourne, and lately we’ve been hearing from some of customers in Berwick, Ferntree Gully and Narre Warren that they’ve spent way too much on something they didn’t really need. Before you get a plumber to fix your blocked drains, there are a few things you should know.

  1. The Blockage Location Matters

 Any plumber who specialises in blocked drains will tell you that every blockage is different. The type and location of the blockage will determine exactly what we can do to resolve the problem. The first thing a plumber needs to do to properly quote you on a block drained repair is to locate the blockage. Once we’ve found the location and determined the issue we can quickly let you know whether it’s a quick job or something requiring more complicated drain repairs.

small section

Replacing a small section of drainage

  1. Fix First, Replace Second

Replacing blocked drains should always be the last option. While replacements are often required, there are plenty of quick and very successful plumbing options the can remove a blockage and make them less likely to occur.

A small blockage can often be removed with a high pressure hose, and this is our preferred option. It’s simple and very fast… and it saves you money! This may not necessarily fix the underlying issue though. As your pipes age they can become fouled, making blockages more likely. At this stage many plumbers will say you should replace the pipes, but this isn’t always the best option (or at least not the most cost effective). If you have the right equipment you can de-foul old pipes, and while this doesn’t make them new again, it’s pretty close to, and it solves your drainage problems without costly replacements.

  1. Not all Plumbers are Created Equal

This isn’t a comment on anyone’s experience or skillset – instead we’re talking about equipment here. To properly cater for the plumbing requirements of blocked drains you need a range of plumbing equipment specifically designed for the locating of the pipes themselves and the blockages, you also need the ability to identify the type of blockage and you need the equipment to remedy it.

At RTF Plumbing and Gasfitting, we make use of top of the line equipment to identify and rectify your blocked drains. This includes pipe location equipment, small cameras for blockage identification, high pressure hoses for the removal of minor blockages, and an excavator for when drains need to be replaced.

  1. Don’t Destroy Your Entire Garden for a Blocked Drain

One of the most common issues they we notice with some drain replacements is the damage done to the customer’s backyard. It’s sad to see a families private area for relaxing and fun turned into a churned up mud pit. Not only does this add extra cost to your drainage replacement (new grass isn’t cheap), but it’s almost always unnecessary. At RTF Plumbing and Gasfitting we take extra care with any of our excavation work to do as little damage to your lawn as possible. And while the excavation associated with your drainage replacement will cause some damage to your turf, it really should be minimal. Always make sure your garden is looked after and discuss your expectations with your plumber.

old drain

Old drainage pipes completely blocked by roots

  1. You Probably Don’t Need to Replace all Your Drainage

There are quite a few reasons to replace your drainage, your drains can be broken by tree roots, burst by shifting ground, or cracked by an increase in pressure, but very rarely will you need to replace all your drainage. In almost all cases RTF Plumbing and Gasfitting will recommend replacing only a section of your drainage pipes, and this is really quiet simple.

Once we’ve identified the location of your damage pipes we’ll excavate a small area around the damage and simple replace this section of pipe. This will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to a complete drainage replacement, and there’s no reason to spend money on replacing pipes that aren’t broken.

If you need help repairing your blocked drains in Narre Warren, Berwick, Ferntree Gully, or any other South Eastern Suburb of Melbourne, then give RTF Plumbing and Gasfitting a call. We’re happy to answer any of your drainage questions and can provide you with experienced backed advice and service.